Brother QL-1050 Wide Format Label PrinterWhen it comes to managing and organizing a business, a printer is mandatory. You need them to print documents, oversized envelopes, badges – basically, you can’t stay in business without one. This is why something like the Brother QL-1050 is a crucial purchase.

Brother has made a name for itself for selling such office products, regardless if it’s a shipping label printer or a thermal label printer. This model, in particular, is very popular among companies – and that’s for a multitude of reasons.

If you are on the lookout for a good printer, here is what the Brother QL-1050 can offer you.

Introducing the Brother QL-1050

The Brother QL-1050 was designed to handle the printing of oversized envelopes and packages that you could not normally handle with a regular printer. If you are looking for a shipping label printer, then this unit should meet your specifications.

The package includes label creation software along with a USB cable. Furthermore, it is equipped with an automatic cutter that has the ability to create 69 labels in only one minute.

The cutter can function for a very long time. Depending on your settings, you may get 150,000 continuous labels or 300,000 die-cut ones. It’s a good option for a printer if your company has a huge workflow and needs to be printing labels continuously.

Unlike many printers for which you have to set the time and date manually, the Brother QL-1050 will use the time and date generated by the computer. Furthermore, it has a starter supply of labels that you can use as prompts if you run out of ideas.

A Printer that can Handle It All

This printer can handle up to 4-inch labels, which makes it a very versatile tool. It’s just right when it comes to postage and shipping applications.

With a resolution of 300 dpi, this unit can print high-quality pictures, graphics, and logos – without having the image blurred, misaligned or compromised.

The drop-in tape rolls were made to be easy to use – and therefore, you don’t have to mess around with the positioning. In only a few seconds, the new printing batch should be ready to use.

The software is user-friendly and attractive. You have a variety of templates, fonts, graphics, and images – and everything can be done by just connecting the printer to your computer.

The Brother QL-1050 can integrate pretty much any document editor, from Outlook to Excel and Word. Therefore, no matter if you are using a more common editor or something less usual, the right settings will allow you to print by using this editor.

It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac, so irrespective of what you or your company uses, you should easily be able to connect this unit as well.

Main Features of the Brother QL-1050

  • Can print up to 4-inch wide labels
  • Can print 69 labels per minute
  • Built-in automatic cutter
  • 300 dpi resolution
  • 2-year warranty
  • Can be connected and integrated to any computer

Overall, this printer was made to be easy to use and convenient. In an environment where time is money, you need tools that will help you save as much of it as possible.

The Advantages of the Brother QL-1050

  • The unit is very well-built and solid, so it should last a significant amount of time
  • Flexible programming – you can adjust the dimensions and everything yourself
  • Works very fast, providing you one label per second
  • It doesn’t jam, and the labels stick just fine
  • It has many printing options, making it perfect for personalized labels
  • The price is reasonable, making it a good purchase if you are on a budget

The Disadvantages of the Brother QL-1050

  • Some customers complained that the instructions are very difficult to use, and unless you already have knowledge in using label or thermal shipping printers, it might take a while to get it to function.
  • It is not compatible with UPS and USPS labels and some websites such as

The General Opinion

Having a 4.1 general rating, most customers were impressed about the speed of this printer. A lot of them purchased it for commercial use, and the fact that it can print so many labels per minute is a great time-saver. It improved their workflow greatly.

Most of the time, it can be connected and compatible with any kind of label, but there are some that do not work with this unit (such as or eBay’s USPS).

Some people found this unit very easy to use, whereas others found it rather complicated. Perhaps it also depends on the experience you have with printers; if you never used a shipping label printer before, you might find this one fairly difficult to use.

Customers also said that even if you can’t get it to work with USPS or, you can still get it to work with PayPal. All you have to do is install the driver directly from Brother, work on the printing preferences, and go on the second screen for the PayPal settings.

Concluding Remarks

Overall, the Brother QL-1050 should be an asset for every business that deals with labels and envelopes on a daily basis. You can connect it to any type of computer, no matter if you are using Apple or Microsoft. This is a very convenient option.

Furthermore, it works very fast, which means that it’s an asset if you have continuous work coming your way. You won’t have to waste any time waiting for stuff to print, saving you a lot of money by being quick and efficient.

Taking everything into account, the QL-1050 is a shipping label printer that is worth every penny. Indeed, it may take some time getting used to it – but that only happens if you are completely unfamiliar with these kinds of devices.

Hopefully, our review helped you reach a conclusion. If you decided that this Brother unit is worth your time, then the only thing we can say to you is: Happy labeling!

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  • Value for Price
  • Ease of Use

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