The Brother QL-1060N shipping Label Printer is a professional grade printer with very advanced features and networking – all at a very reasonable price. It also has a built-in Ethernet connection which is very rare to see in other printers currently found in the market. This shipping label printer can print very wide tags that are generally used during shipping.  It can also accept continuous tapes and 4” wide labels for printing custom signage. This is not only very convenient but also very cost effective when you are frequently using the printer.

Due to its very fine print quality, it can be used to print names as well as barcodes. It also has a very good printing speed which can go upto 4.3 ips. Apart from that, it has a very resolution of 300 by 300 dpi and comes with an inbuilt heavy duty auto cutter for cutting out the labels. The incorporation of the auto cutter could be very useful in the domestic as well as commercial uses. This prevents a lot of hassle and also allows you to finish your task with a clean professional finish. You will not even be required to adjust the machine every time you use it. It automatically detects the size and type of roll used in printing and accordingly adjusts itself to the right of screen template. This thermal label printer is compatible with software that comes with powerful integration.

You can Brother Network Ready 4" Wide Label Printer Reviewintegrate it into your system for greater functionality. This printer is not only ideal for shipping and bulk labeling, but also for basic uses, such as health care slide labeling, retail labeling, and shelf labeling. So you can have it installed in homes and offices alike.

Features of the Brother QL-1060N

  • The best feature about this shipping label printer is its very fast and high-resolution printing. It can print at the speed of 69 labels/minute. With a resolution of 300 by 300 dpi, it is very effective in printing high-quality texts as well as graphics. It can print labels that are as wide as 4 inches. This could include the address labels, food and price labels, and barcodes. It could also be used for printing labels to separate out the CDs, DVDs and more.
  • The shipping label printer comes with a built-in auto cutter that can very cleanly cut out the labels, so as to give a very smooth finishing. The printer can also be set to different settings so that it can cut out labels after regular intervals. This feature could be of huge advantage in commercial houses where the labels are printed on very large scales.
  • This thermal label printer has been designed in such a way so that it is very user-friendly. It comes with an instruction manual that is very easy to follow. You can smoothly operate the machine even though you have little expertise on the subject. In case of confusion or inconveniences, you can connect to the customer support which has a very good response time.


What makes the Brother QL-1060N shipping label printer Great

  • You do not have to spend a very long time while changing the rolls. With the innovative new design, changing rolls takes hardly more than a few seconds. All you have to do is drop in the roll and your task is done. The thermal label printer can also detect the size of the roll and accordingly adjust itself to the right template. This smart feature ensures that you do not have to spend any extra time trying to correct the size of the template.
  • Another great feature about the Brother Network is the built-in networking feature using the ethernet connection. This allows multiple users to connect to one single printer, that with a very good support. It works very smoothly with Windows as well as Macintosh.
  • The Brother QL-1060N also has an API or application programming interface that allows the developers to customize or stylize their labels. Using this feature, the developers can pass text, barcodes, graphics and label templates across various networks.
  • The best thing about the Brother QL-1060N is its user friendliness. It is definitely very powerful but also very easy to set up and use. It utilizes the p-touch editor v5 software which incorporates three different input modes, mainly the Snap function, professional mode and the express mode. This provides both the experienced users as well as the beginners with a vast range of features for customization. Using this, you can create your own labels and also print them directly through the MS programs.
  • The printer is compatible with both the Windows and the Macintosh.
  • The product measures 6.7 by 5.8 by 8.7 inches and weighs a total of 8 pounds. It comes with a warranty period of 2 years and exchange service.


  • With the Brother QL-1060N, you do not have to worry about the jammed labels
  • The printer works very smoothly
  • The non-generic prints may cost a little more as compared to other printers like the Dymo.
  • The software is very versatile
  • Brother QL-1060N is compatible with many different label sizes
  • You can also use it to print complex labels that may be custom designed
  • You can print around 100 to 150 labels in one goBrother QL-1060N Thermal Shipping Label Printer
  • The best label printer with many features for label customization
  • The printing resolution is very good. You can print barcodes as well as small fonts and the print comes out very well. However, when you are printing very small or complex designs, setting it to a slow speed will give better results. For bigger fonts, you can use it at higher speeds
  • The build of the Brother QL-1060N is very sturdy and tough. This best label printer should be able to give a very good lasting.


  • The tech support for the printer is not very good
  • The roll holding frame does not come with the printer. So you will have to get one separately
  • The cutting blades can get jammed –up with the adhesive from the labels
  • You cannot clean the machine without taking the whole thing apart


Given that the Brother QL-1060N comes at a very reasonable cost, it can be a great bargain for your money. It has a number of handy features to reduce the hurdles that come with printing. It even has an auto cutting blade which makes it one of the best label printers, especially when you are printing in bulk. We highly recommend the Brother QL-1060N shipping label printer for any serious business who’ll be printing out lots of labels.

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