Brother QL-700 Professional Label Printer ReviewWhen it comes to labels, you can’t go with just any printer. You need something that will print the text as clear as possible – and make it resistant enough to withstand its journey to the destination. In this situation, a printer such as the Brother QL-700 is a cost-effective way of getting the result that you want.

Brother is actually a brand that is fairly popular when it comes to label printers. They are modern and technologically advanced, yet incredibly easy to use. To see whether the QL-700 rises up to your expectations or not, we will review its features and analyze its performance.

Introducing the Brother QL-700 Professional Printer

If you have a company that continuously has to deal with mail, you are probably used with the struggles of having to go to the post office, buy stamps, labels, and everything else needed to send a certain package. Not to mention that doing so on a regular basis can be very costly.

This is why the Brother QL-700 is such a convenient acquisition. Since it has its own software and no monthly fees attached to it, this unit allows you to save money by printing labels right from your desktop.

The shipping label printer itself is very quick and time efficient. Considering that it can create 93 labels per minute, it’s one of the most professional printers out there. If you have a big project coming up, such a device may be very useful in saving time. It’s also great if you work in a big office, where the workload is always booming.

The integrated automatic cutter also speeds up the process. There’s no need for you to adjust anything since the unit will do everything by itself. All you will have to do is set the dimensions and the ‘brother’ will do everything from there.

A Versatile Commercial Grade Label Printer

The printer comes with a variety of label sizes and types, turning it into a highly versatile tool. You can print anything from pre-sized labels to envelopes, CDs – and also packages. You may use both continuous papers and rolls to print, but you can also go for signs and banners up to three feet long.

Plus, you can use this unit to print your own stamps. You can customize them the way you like them, and the only thing you will have to do is pay for the stamp rolls and the postage – which is much cheaper than buying them ready-made.

This machine is compatible with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel. If you have particular fonts or formats from there, you can easily select them from the settings and transfer them to the printer.

The Brother QL-700 is also classified as a thermal label printer since it uses heat to “burn” the writing onto the label. This way, you’ll be saving money on ink, turning it into a highly cost-effective unit.

Main Specifications of the Brother QL-700

  • Ultrafast with the ability to print 93 labels per minute
  • Works with drop-in rolls
  • Features a “Label Collection” that allows you to pick from predesigned labels
  • Resolution that goes as high as 300 x 600 dpi (dots per inch)
  • Can be connected to computer via USB (included in the package)
  • Works on thermal printing technology

The Brother QL-700 was also made to be compact enough to fit on a desk with limited space.

The Advantages of the Brother QL-700

  • Works very fasts and can provide up to 93 labels per minute – which is twice the average number
  • The automatic cutter that cuts your labels to size, based on the dimensions you chose.
  • The WiFi connection allows you to connect the printer via various networks.
  • It can also print stamps, not only labels.
  • Does not require any ink, making it highly cost-effective.

The Disadvantages of the Brother QL-700

  • The stamp printing option works only if you have a USB connection.
  • The software is generally fairly simple to use, but it can be very complicated if you are a casual user.

The General Opinion

Considering that it has a generous 4.2 rating out of 5, this thermal printer seems to be a highly valued acquisition. Customers can use it for a variety of things: printing labels for packages, envelopes – even CDs, DVDs, and stamps. This saves them the trouble of having them professionally printed since they can print them themselves from their home or office.

The most appreciated aspect of the Brother QL-700 is the fact that it’s very quick. Being able to print up to 93 labels per minute, it’s even faster than most Brother printing machines. It’s the perfect thing to have around if your company works with continuous packaging, and it saves time.

Setup was apparently troublesome for many users, and unless you already have experience installing a shipping label printer, you may have some trouble getting it to work. However, after some practice (and sadly, a few ruined labels from the roll), you’ll get used to the device.

Plus, it’s even better if you have a preferred label. Since this printer remembers your settings, the second batch of labels will not take as long as the first one.

Considering that it’s so affordable, many people believe it’s a great catch. Not only does it have a variety of label models to choose from, but it also offers you freedom and a certain degree of portability. Lastly, it’s fairly quiet (thanks to the thermal technology), making it a good choice in a room where silence is golden.

Concluding Remarks

Overall, the Brother QL-700 is a high-quality shipping label printer that provides quick, clear labels at all times. It’s fairly inexpensive – and considering that it works on thermal technology rather than ink or toner, it will also save you on the bill.

The fact that you cannot print stamps in network connection mode (only USB) is rather troublesome, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker. It can do its job properly, clean and fast, saving you a lot of time and money in the office.

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