Shipping Label Printer with Wireless NetworkingThe Brother QL-720NW is a professional label printer that is best suited for printing a large number and a large variety of labels. This shipping label printer is exceptional when it comes to printing envelope, packages, folders, and DVDs. However, the best part is that it can also be used for printing banners that can go upto 3 feet long, thus helping you out with managing the bigger projects as well. It is very efficient and also very cost effective. With the speed of 93 labels/minute, it allows you to save big time. Further, the machine has an integrated automatic cutter in it. So, irrespective of the number of the number of labels you are printing, the machine makes your task very clean and smooth.

Flexible & User-Friendly

Further, this shipping label printer comes with great flexibility. It can run on both the Ethernet and the wireless interfaces. Additional to that, the inclusion of the Serial interface makes it suitable for scanning as well, which is not usually found in a printer. Further, the Brother Network uses network management techniques and bPAC development kits available free of cost that can come very handy while integrating and managing the networks.

This shipping label printer also allows you to print directly from the mobile devices. There are several apps like AirPrint, Brother, and iPrint&Label that allows your phone to be synchronized with the printer. It is compatible with a number, of different platforms such as Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, and smartphones. You could use your phone to quickly access and print the label templates. You can also go a step ahead and design your own templates. The brother network can also be synced with stamp software so that you can print stamps without having to go the post office. The controls are very easy. They only comprise of point and click, drag and drop features. You could use continuous length tapes for printing custom sized labels.

Features of the Brother QL-720NW

  • The Brother QL–720NW is more or less similar to QL-710N given that both of them have the additional feature of serial and Ethernet connectivity
  • This is the best label printer with a flexible connectivity for both the Ethernet and the wireless.
  • A printer that offers a serial interface. This feature allows the users to print labels and download label templates which could be printed onto banners.
  • The thermal label printer can also be used with peripherals such as a scanner
  • This machine can print up to 93 labels every minute
  • It is a very cost effective method of printing not only labels, but also packages, envelopes, banners, file folders and much more. This thermal label printer is greatly suited for commercial purposes.
  • The printer offers a very high resolution of 300 by 600dpi. This makes it possible to print crisp texts, complex graphics, and barcodes with a very high clarity
  • You can use this for printing labels using a wireless connection. You could synchronize the printer with a Brother iPrint&Label app which then allows you to print directly from the phone
  • The machine cuts out the label all by itself. This thermal label printer not only gives and very neat and clean effect, but also saves up a lot of time. The automatic cutter is especially very useful while the labels are printed in bulk amount
  • With this printer, you will not be requiring the expensive ink cartridges or the toner

What makes the Brother QL-720NW Shipping Label Printer so Great

  • It is very easy to replace the tape rolls. You just have to drop them in and your task is done. No need to adjust the machine to the right template size so as to make it compatible with the roll. The machine can do this by itself.
  • The Brother QL-720NW is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh
  • This label printer can be installed almost anywhere from homes to offices. It comes in a very compact size and therefore does not take up very big desk space. You can, however, use to print labels of all sizes and layouts. You could print the postage over your packages with this printer right from home. So no need to visit the post office
  • The Brother QL-720NW shipping label printer is also very easy to operate. You can go a step further and set up a connection with some network using the Brother’s tools for network management as well as the software development kit from bPAC that’s available for free.
  • The Brother QL-720NW has its own label collection, which features a number of pre-designed labels and templates. You will also find banners with some commonly used texts.
  • The printer comes in a very sturdy design and therefore can easily withstand rough handling, which is definite to happen in a busy working environment. Under proper maintenance, the printer is sure to give a very good lasting.
  • Has a very good warranty period. However, it is designed to last way past the warranty period.


  • When you are using the Brother QL–720NW, you will be able to change the labels and the templates very quickly. You can also the customize the labels to your own taste
  • It prints at a super fast speed
  • You can use it with labels of all shapes and sizes
  • You can play around with the different features that come with this printer, for example, labeling filing cabinet, labeling tool drawers, etc.
  • It could be great, especially during the holiday seasons when you have a lot of gifts to pack and post.


  • The printer produces some noise which you may find a little disturbing.Brother QL-720NW Professional High-speed Shipping Label Printer
  • The editor is slightly complicated. You will need some time to learn its use before you can use it with confidence
  • You may encounter some trouble trying to determine the right label size
  • It simply comes with a battery charger. No AC adapter and no detachable power cords.
  • The printer does not come with a carry case, also it is not very well suited for portability


The Brother QL-720NW is a very powerful machine for small businesses. It is an ideal choice both for home use as well as for offices. The Brother QL-720NW prints at a very fast pace and also has a rate cutter. All in all, the printer has almost all the features that would be required out of a professional grade printer. It is one of the best label printer and quite a good bargain for your money.

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