Dymo Twin Turbo Desktop Mailing Solution is a highly functional label printer. It is very affordable, in fact, one of the most economical shipping label printer that you can lay your hands on currently. It also comes in a very small and compact size. You can use this to take care of all your packages, irrespective of the size. You can use this to quickly print out the package labels and recipient addresses irrespective of the size of the package. The thermal label printer receives all different layouts of postal addresses; therefore mailing should not be a problem.

You can even have them barcoded owing to the high definition printing offered by the machine. Although this shipping label printer is not very much applicable for labels if very big sizes, it is simply perfect for general postal service needs. The prints are also very bright and bold without even the use of ink cartridges. With more practice, you can also have this machine synchronized with the software stamps.com.DYMO Twin Turbo Shipping Label Printer

This thermal label printer has mainly received positive reviews. If you check the online reviews and forums, you will hardly come across a negative feedback the only trouble that customers have is with having to buy the proprietary stamps. You can, however, take care of this by learning to synchronize it with the stamps.com software. It is not necessary that you have to use it with the Dymo’s software. There are a number of postage suppliers out there and you can easily pick anyone of your choice. Apart from that, the machine also comes with a very good warranty period that is quite long for a printer.

Features of the Dymo Twin Turbo

  • This amazing new shipping label printer has some highly upgraded features that make it compatible to suit a number of your everyday issues that are not usually by the older printers. This printer can be used not only to print normal labels, but also the mail addresses and barcodes. The high definition thermal label printer makes it possible to even feature complex graphics on your labels. You can manage your files in a smarter way by using the DYMO productivity software featuring the Dymo Label Version 8 which has been designed exclusively for this machine
  • The Dymo Twin Turbo can be used to directly print DYMO Stamps postage approved by USPS from the PC. You do not have to go through any extra hassle as with the other printers. There will also be no extra fees, contracts, and commitment required along the process. This can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble.
  • The Dymo Twin Turbo works very fast. It can smoothly print 71 labels in one minute. This is almost 40% faster than other conventional printers that use a base model of 4 line addresses

Strong Points of the Dymo Thermal Label Printer

  • You can also have printer customized to different settings to cover a number of uses. The Label Writer, Dymo Stamps software, and the 10 lb postal scale can all be synchronized together so that you can have your packages labeled while also having them weighed
  • This best label printer also has a USB port which you can use for connecting it to the compact scale. With this, you will be able to read all the weights in a digital display so that you can have accurate data about each package. This could be a game changer of you are running small businesses that frequently require you to label and ship the goods. The additional compatibility with a digital scale could save you a great deal of time and also make the packaging and posting more easier to manage
  • The proprietary DYMO productivity software comes along with the printer at the time of delivery. Therefore, you will not have to pay anything extra for it. In case of inconveniences, you can directly contact the representatives who will immediately look into the matter. The customer friendly interactive helpline ensures that your issue will be addressed to as soon as possible
  • The Dymo productivity software receives frequent updates which will be available to you without having to pay anything. This will ensure that your printer stays up to date.


  • Maybe the best label printer in terms of durability. It works for a good number of years without any malfunctioning
  • The model is very quick and easy to install as well as to operate. It comes with a manual that has very clear instructions and is very easy to follow
  • You install additional software to cover multiple functions.
  • You can directly make a phone call or connect to the email tech support for any inquiry
  • The customer support is great. They are available 24 by 7 and also respond immediately
  • The printer works very well with different types of rolls. If you have any left from your previous stock, you can use them on this as well
  • You can use this with a postage scale
  • You can place an order for the paper stamps when you place the order for your printer. Both will be delivered together and you will save some extra workDYMO 450 Twin Turbo Shipping Label Printer
  • You can also use it for printing large envelopes with postal bar codes
  • It is great for homes as well as offices
  • The software is very easy to setup and use. You can do it all by yourself even if you do not have prior experience
  • The best label printer with a decent memory size. So you can use it to store all your contacts. You can further have your contacts categorized into different groups like friends, family, office and so on.
  • You will be able to alter the settings with much ease
  • The Dymo Twin Turbo comes very handy, especially during the holiday seasons when you have a lot of gift packages to label.


  • Is a little expensive
  • The design looks very outdated
  • The software runs slow
  • Does not spool automatically
  • If you use it for more than one computer, you will be required to buy the Dymo Label printer server which will cost you additional $140


The Dymo Twin Turbo Desktop Mailing Solution is the best label printer for home and offices due to its compact size and fast printing. You can also use it for more than one computer. There are features that allow you to synchronize it with digital scales so that you can take care of multiple jobs at a time.

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