Rollo is a shipping label printer exclusively designed for the business purpose. Therefore, this one does not merely cover your basic needs but also allows you to make profits while printing the labels. However, this does not mean that you cannot use it for offices and homes. In fact, the machine has many advanced features that can make your printing job, much easier and worthwhile.

ROLLO High Speed Shipping Label Printer

Rollo can work without ink cartridges. Therefore, you will not be faced with the need to change the cartridges time and again. You can use it for printing on thermal labels of all sizes for any application. It works very much like a regular printer and can also print directly from applications such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, and various other internet browsers.

The greatest advantage of Rollo shipping label printer is the speed with which it works, thus making it very profitable for enterprises. It also does not cost very much and is very reliable when it comes to performance. All the supplies needed for the machine are available at Rollo. So you can either have them ordered from Rollo itself or buy it from elsewhere. Either way, you will not have any problem getting hold of the supplies. Rollo also has a feature of automatically reading your labels and works accordingly.

You can print labels as wide as 4.16”. This will include the 4.1 by 6.275’ shipping labels, the warehouse labels, the FBA label, identification labels, large format labels, bulk mailing labels as well as the barcodes. Rollo’s high definition makes the printing very readable. You can achieve all of this without even having to use ink cartridges or the expensive toners. This machine is versatile in the sense that it is compatible with a number of thermal direct labels including the UPS labels.

Features of the ROLLO Thermal Label Printer

  • With Rollo, you will neither require the ink nor the toner. This thermal shipping label printer uses a very advanced technology for producing fine prints. It basically works by printing directly onto the thermal labels which can then be directly used for labeling mails and different packages. This saves you from the additional task of refilling the ink every now and then. It is a great convenience, especially for the commercial houses that print in bulk amounts.
  • The Rollo shipping label printer has been designed to facilitate portability. It is indeed the best label printer, very compact, but this does not mean that the functionality of the printer is compromised anywhere. It works great, by allowing you to print upto 238 labels per minute per four-row labels. Further, it’s rugged and sturdy design ensures that it can very easily withstand roughly handling, which can be a common thing in the business houses.
  • The Rollo shipping label printer has an automatic label identification feature. So with a minor push of the button, you can have the printer identify the weight as well as the category of the Shipping Printer Compatible with ShipStation, Etsy, eBay, Amazonpackage. The printer will then accordingly print out a label without you having to give any directions.
  • The thermal label printer is very quick and easy to use. The setup, too, is very easy.
  • The Rollo printer can be used for directly printing over any thermal label. This can be a great advantage especially because you will not have to go out and look for the labels that are exclusively manufactured for your printer. This can be very convenient, time-saving as well as cost efficient.

What makes the ROLLO so Brilliant

  • Rollo thermal label printer has an additional advantage when it comes to the supplies. Although you can get the supplies from almost anywhere, buying them directly from the Rollo store will earn you big discounts. Apart from that, the printer is also very affordable so your overall price for printing labels will not be much.
  • Offers a very high-speed printing of 150mm/sec. This is much faster than any one of its present competitors in the market. This can be a huge leverage if you are prone to printing a large
  • The printer is compatible with a number of shipping platforms, including all the major ones such as FedEx, USPS, UPS, Ship Station, Shippo, Shipworks, Shipgator, Shipping Easy as well as the marketing sites such as eBay, Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, amongst others.
  • The printer is compatible with Windows as well as Mac making it a great shipping label printer solution for many.
  • The brand has a very good customer support, wherein the customers can directly interact with the representatives via phones, email, and remote desktop. There are also a number of guides and videos on the online forums to help you in the case of any confusion.
  • It is applicable for wide-format label printing and can print labels of up to 4.1” including all the warehouse labels, shipping labels, ID labels, FBA labels, barcodes as well as bulk mailing labels.


  • Has mostly received positive reviews
  • The best label printer when it comes to the ease of installation
  • All the instructions for the installation and the settings come with the manual that will be sent to you via an email. This will make the entire set up very easy and hassle free.
  • The printer can keep a track of the number of labels that have been printed
  • Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed Shipping PrinterExcellent tech support provided by the company
  • The design is very compact and sturdy. This facilitates the portability of the machine
  • There are online forums to guide you in case you encounter any problem with using your printer
  • The quick speed allows you to print several batches of labels in a very short span of time
  • You will not be required to adjust the labels. You can use them right out of the box


  • This printer is not compatible with stamps.som. So you will have to use it with Shipstation instead. Since Shipstation is very complicated, it can lead to some disappointment.
  • The print quality is not very good.
  • You may have some problem connecting the power cord in the beginning
  • If you use the label rolls, you will have to get an extra label holder as it does not come with the machine


The Rollo printer offers quite a lot for its price. You can also get amazing annual discounts on buying the regular supplies from their store. Given the speed of printing and versatility of use, it may be placed on a par with the best label printers in the market today.

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