Zebra GC420D Direct Thermal Label PrinterA thermal label printer can be extremely expensive – especially when you are going for the high-tech ones. However, by going for monochrome units such as the Zebra GC420D, you should be able to save both time and money.

Zebra has been in the printing business for a long time now, and while this model, in particular, may not be as high-tech as others, it can still come to your aid – for both personal and commercial use. Let’s see what this unit can offer you!

Introducing the Zebra GC420D

Featuring a 32-bit processor, this monochrome thermal printer for desktop can be used to print labels, receipts, tags, or anything else that has a width of 4 inches on a roll.

Since it’s a direct thermal printer, this unit does not use ink like most printers (for example, an average shipping label printer). It uses heat technology that is faster, quieter, and more energy efficient. Furthermore, this item is typically smaller than your average dot-matrix printer.

The Zebra GC420D is a standard unit that can print up to 4 inches per second – making it a pretty fast tool. With a resolution of 203 dpi (dots per inch), the image is fairly good. It can continuously print on a 39-inch long roll, making it a time-efficient office appliance.

Furthermore, this printer has 8 MB of flash memory and 8 MB of SDRAM memory. Combined with the processor, you get extensive media graphic storage and quick use of the features.

Strong, Durable Build that last a Decade

Encased in a double-walled ABS, this unit is not only resistant to the effect of time, but it also withstands impacts. Media loading is done through the open-access design, and you can easily connect this to any kind of computer that you have in your office.

Bear in mind, however, that the extra cables are sold separately. Therefore, if you want to use templates that are not part of the Zebra GC420 list, you need to buy the cables yourself and connect the printer to a customizable website.

This item also has a transmissive sensor that tells you exactly when you’ve run out of paper. You can use it with roll media, stock media, and fanfold media – but just like with the cables, all of them have to be purchased separately.

The advantage of this unit is that it enables both serial and parallel connectivity. It can work even if you don’t connect it to a computer.

Main Specifications of the Zebra GC420D

  • Works on a serial, parallel, or USB interface
  • Max roll size is 4.25 inches
  • It can print 240 inches of roll per minute
  • It has a monochrome output type
  • The technology used is direct thermal
  • It weighs about 3 lbs
  • 203 dpi resolution

The Zebra GC420D features a 12-month warranty, which means that if the unit malfunctions during that time, you have all the rights to ask for a replacement. The product was also made to be simple to operate, and therefore, it does not have any complicated wiring systems – other than the standard.

Moreover, the item has a competitive price while still offering reliability and performance. Plus, with its tear edge technology, you can cut the labels to whatever size you want.

The Advantages of the Zebra GC420D

  • Since it is compact in size, it can fit on any desk, even if you work in an office with limited space.
  • It prints very fast, saving you a lot of time.
  • It has a lot of printing options that are useful for a small business.
  • You can create custom labels for the unit as well.
  • The price is affordable, so you also save money on the purchase.
  • Since it’s a thermal label printer, it’s quieter than most of the printers sold on the market.

Disadvantages if the Zebra GC420D

  • A number of customers complained about the lack of instructions, making the Zebra GC420D difficult to use if you do not have experience with a shipping label printer.
  • Since it only has a 203 dpi resolution, the image is not as high-quality as the one offered by most high-tech label printers.
  • The device is monochrome, meaning that you cannot print colored labels.
  • It may not connect properly with Mac or Shopify.

The General Opinion

Most customers that purchased this unit bought it either as a budget replacement or a “beginner’s printer” to get used to the technology. They were, however, impressed with the fact that a thermal label printer with a resolution of only 203 dpi can process such clear labels. Overall, it’s the perfect choice if you are in need of a barcode printer.

The printer works fast with most applications. There are just a few that aren’t supported, and not every Mac may support it; however, if you connect it to Windows, it should work just fine.

Customers are also impressed with the speed that this printer provides. It only takes about 20 seconds to make a new label, and it does so in complete silence. This is most likely due to the fact that it uses heat instead of ink.

Considering that you are basically “burning” into the label, the smell is not that big of an issue. Indeed, there is a certain scent that lingers for a few moments, but it is not strong enough to be bothersome, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Concluding Remarks

Overall, while this printer may take some time getting used to, it’s not something that should stop you from using it. Once you get the gist of it and “experiment” for a while, it should become second nature. So, the Zebra GC420D receives a rating of 4 out 5.

It is quiet and perfect to use in an environment where silence is gold. Thanks to its compact size, you can also use it when you are limited on space since it uses little desk space. Since it is relatively easy to operate, this shipping label printer is the perfect unit to have around if you are running a small business.

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